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Information management, access, and delivery platforms such as Microsoft's SQL Server 2008 lie at the heart of many organizations' IT infrastructures, and these platforms are available from a number of vendors. But one of the ways in which Microsoft SQL Server 2008 stands out from other vendors' offerings is the sheer number of features the platform includes that enable your organization to cut its IT related costs significantly.

Here are eight ways that SQL Server 2008 can help your organization save money:

1. Reduce your hardware, power and licensing costs though virtualization
Using Microsoft's Hyper-V hypervisor it's easy to virtualize SQL Server 2008 servers and run multiple SQL Server 2008 virtual machines on a single physical machine. That means less physical hardware needs to be purchased and maintained, you spend less on power and cooling, and you free up valuable data center space. You can also make significant savings on licensing costs too. That's because you need only one Windows license and one SQL Server 2008 license per physical processor running in each host server, regardless of the number of virtual machines that run in them.

2. Cut data and backup storage costs with compression
SQL Server 2008 can save you money on disk hardware, reducing your storage requirements by as much as two-thirds using data compression to compress tables, hardware indexes, and partitions. It can also reduce backup storage requirements (and costs) significantly using backup compression to store backups more efficiently — while actually speeding them up by reducing the number of writes needed to complete them.

3. Slash your administration overheads using automation
Freeing IT staff from routine database maintenance tasks by using automation saves money and enables IT staffers to be redeployed to more productive tasks. The SQL Server Agent service can be set up to execute many scheduled administrative tasks such as index management and back up automatically, notifying you in the event of a problem. Alternatively, you can automate your own complex tasks by using Microsoft's PowerShell command-line shell to write custom management scripts. You can also use SQL Server 2008's Policy-Based Management to implement and maintain policy compliance for all your databases and servers — or bring them into compliance — with a minimum of manual intervention.

4. Reduce purchasing requirements by optimizing hardware with the Resource Governor
Contention between applications for server CPU and memory resources can lead to application performance that is sluggish, or that varies widely at peak usage times — especially on older hardware. The Resource Governor, new to SQL Server 2008, helps solve this problem by enabling you to give priority to your business-critical applications and to limit the resources that other workload groups can be allocated. This helps eliminate runaway queries and ensures that your business-critical applications always offer acceptable performance levels without the need to spend money upgrading your severs.

5. Save money by consolidating your systems
Using SQL Server 2008's multi-database support you can consolidate databases with similar security and compatibility requirements into a single SQL Server 2008 instance, using the Resource Governor to ensure that all your databases run according to your performance requirements. If you have databases with different security or compatibility requirements you can also cut costs using SQL Server 2008's multi-instance support to consolidate up to 50 instances of SQL Server onto a single physical server. In addition to reducing hardware costs you can make significant license cost savings this way because only one SQL Server license is needed for each processor, regardless of how many SQL Server 2008 instances are installed.

6. Reduce lost revenue from downtime thanks to high availability
System downtime means lost revenue for many organizations, and in many cases every second counts. SQL Server 2008 has been developed using a number of technologies that aim to minimize both planned and unplanned stoppages, including rock solid 16-node clustering, database mirroring, peer-to-peer replication, online backup and restore, and support for hot-swapping failing hardware.

7. Enterprise class Business Intelligence (BI) at no extra cost
Good decision making requires access to the right information, and good BI systems rarely come cheap. But SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Edition saves you unnecessary expenditure because it includes a full BI and integration platform to go with the enterprise-class database system at no extra cost. Using SQL Server 2008 Integration Services, Analysis Services, and the database engine it's even possible to build a complete data warehouse solution using the SQL Server 2008 platform.

8. Save on your security infrastructure using the secure SQL Server platform
Protecting your systems and data can be extremely expensive, and the cost of losing your data or having it compromised by malicious intruders can be even higher. SQL Server 2008 has been designed from the ground up to be secure, offering a minimum attack surface to hackers. It also includes built-in support for transparent data encryption (without expensive custom client application development) to help keep your data safe and minimizing the risk of revenue loss or liability costs from compromised data.

SQL Server goes beyond relational data structures, supporting XML, spatial, and unstructured data. That means that if you need to support these kinds of data structures as your organization develops you can do so without any additional outlay. It's an example of how, while SQL Server 2008 can help your business reduce its IT costs immediately, it's also been designed to continue saving you money well into the future as well.

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